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iPhone Repairing Course in Delhi | Ranchi | India | Baba Tools

We Offer Best iPhone Repairing  Course In Delhi, Ranchi to help you to fetch the answer to how to repair your iPhone. It helps you get done with the device if there is any indication of a problem popping up. The most crucial part of any such device is to correct the home button. This is what activates the mobile, so its working is evidently very important. Now, if it gets disturbed, the whole device will fall down to function. But, with the help of this course, any student can fix it on their own. Not only these, but it has also encompassed many other aspects of the iPhone like the Face ID working principle and the most effortless way to fix it, correction of broken screens, removal and replacement of batteries, replacing and repairing flex of any type, broken pad repairing, micro soldering, micro jumpers, screw Holes, repairing faulty antenna components and several other things to learn. If you have thought of making yourself fit at repairing your device or thought to start up a business of repairing such devices, then, wait no longer and get yourself enrolled for this repairing course.

📲What Includes In This iPhone Master Course

🌟Learn To Fix iPhone

🌟(We Create Master)💪🏻


⚡️ All Common iTunes Error
⚡️ Recover Serial Wifi Bluetooth Address For Free
⚡️ Encryptions and Activation Issue
⚡️ Nand Programming And Storage Expansion(JC/WL/Etc)
⚡️ Eeprom Read & Write
⚡️ Quick Diagnose for Apple Logo Stuck Device(Hardware or Software)
⚡️ Learn How To Read Recovery Log To Diagnose Auto Reboot Problem
⚡️ TrueTone & Display Error Message Removal By Hadware(Unable to Verify if Genuine Display)
⚡️ Learn Fastest Diagnostic Way in 7Basic Steps
⚡️ Short Finding Method Without Injecting External Voltage
⚡️ *Tristar(U2)Hydra Checking Method100% Accuracy *
⚡️ Bypass Solution For Protocol
⚡️ Thermal Camera Tutorial
⚡️ FACE ID Working Principal and easiest method to fix
⚡️ Dot Projector/Infrared Camera& Flood Illuminator
⚡️ Replacing & Repairing Flex(AnyType)
⚡️ Touch ID Fingerprint Flex Changing,Another Easiest Way
⚡️ Broken Pad Repairing,Microsoldering,Micro Jumpers,Screw Holes
⚡️ Understanding Temperature Control and Hand Skill Developments
⚡️ Swapping Knowledge CPU A8 To A13 With & Without User Data(Both Method)
⚡️ *Live Demonstration For CPU Reballing *
⚡️ *100% Practical On Live Motherboard *
⚡️ CPU Drilling Safe Way
⚡️ CPU Broken Pads Repairing
⚡️ Only RAM Changing Method
⚡️ Easiest Way Of Sandwich PCB Layer Removing Cleaning&Reballing,iPhone X & Above(Preheater & Blower)
⚡️ 4 Easiest & 100% Safe Method Of Removing Glued and Non-Glued IC
⚡️ Removing Cleaning Reballing and Installation Of Common IC
🌈 Schematics Theory & troubleshooting
⚡️Components & There Use & Testing
⚡️Schematic Knowledge And Point Map Reading
⚡️Understating Protocols Like i2c,i2s,Spi,SWI,RFFE,Etc
⚡️ Working Principles Of Each Section Deep Explanation
⚡️All Baseband & Signal Issue
⚡️Common Faults & There Direct Solutions
⚡️DC Power Suply (Diagnose through Current Reading)

🌟We Provide High End Tools For Practicing and Branded Consumable Items🌟

📲Future Support Over Whatsapp Group📲

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👉🏻 Practical Training
👉🏻 We provide motherboard for practise

Course Fee:- 65,000/-

The students will be highlighted upon how to fix different parts of iPhone if it fails to work any longer. Students will discover how to effectively disassemble the devices to work on the different parts and provide maintenance and if needed repair them easily. Schematics Theory and troubleshooting is also included in the course. It is comprised of components ( their use as well as testing), multimeter, schematic knowledge and point map reading, understanding protocols ( e.g., i2c,i2s,Spi,SWI,RFFE, etc.), some other common faults and their easy solutions, a deep explanation of every section to have a good grip of it, all baseband and signal issues, etc., are covered within this course.

Guidance is not just provided during the course, but support is delivered even in the future times over WhatsApp Group. All in all, you get all the tenets and principles cleared if you get yourself a chance to get enrolled in this very course. As repairing and replacement functionalities need practical application and in-hand experience, the course enables practical teaching-learning sessions to make you fit for repairing any version of iPhone mobiles. If you aren’t sure whether to apply for it or not, avail yourself of a free demo class from the experts. So, be ready to be the next best efficient hand in the iPhone repair industry with this course.